ECO49 Consulting, LLC is an environmental consultancy designed to provide targeted results for our clients. As a small business, our strategy is to leverage our 50+ years of experience managing and delivering environmental projects ranging from pre-feasibility risk assessments to complex, high-profile environmental impact assessments to NEPA training. Our services include:

NEPA Guidance, Assessment and Training

  • Strategic guidance on compliance
  • Review of NEPA documents
  • NEPA Training

Corporate Governance

  • Pre-feasibility/feasibility environmental and social risk assessment
  • Environmental impact assessment reports (EIA/EIR) compliant with Corporate Standards
  • Permitting strategy and applications (specific to ESA species or marine mammals)
  • ESA Consultation

Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA)

  • Preparation of Incidental Harassment Authorizations (IHAs) and Letters of Authorization (LOAs) for marine mammal “take” for government activities or private industry
  • Preparation of petitions for Incidental Take Regulations
  • Assistance with preparation or review of marine mammal management plans (i.e., conservation plans, take reduction plans)

World Bank and International Finance Corporation Standards

  • Strategic guidance on compliance with IFC Standards
  • Assistance with preparation of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • Impact assessment training compliant with World Bank and IFC Standards

Endangered Species Act (ESA)

  • Strategic review of petitions for listing species under the ESA to determine potential implications for business
  • Preparation of formal comments on ESA petitions for listing as well as ESA species’ status reviews
  • Preparation of Biological Assessments under the ESA
  •  Assistance with collating, synthesizing and responding to public and agency comments on ESA listings, status reviews and species’ recovery plans
  • Assistance with Recovery Planning Team meetings (i.e., logistics and facilitation).

Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA)

  • Scoping and assessment of cumulative impacts
  • CIA Training
  • Development of Corporate or Agency Guidelines on CIA


  • Impact assessment
  • Comment synthesis and response related to fisheries management changes, etc.


  • Pre-feasibility/feasibility planning for permitting timelines

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Public meeting planning, logistics and facilitation
  • Comment synthesis and response
  • Public engagement strategy development
  • Assessment of risks associated with stakeholder engagement